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Sustainable Slow Fashion

Ethical Ethos

We will always incorporate the most eco ethical standards into our business.

Wild Warriors has expanded our commitment to labour ethics +works with multiple manufactures around the world + also sourcing local Melbourne based seamstress where possible.

Our brand has developed long lasting relationships with our factories + suppliers + ensures fair factories, living wages, + healthy working conditions for all.

Wild Warriors gives back monthly to partnered charities.

We design our collections to be produced in limited numbers, therefore responsibly made without excess waste.

We incorporate sustainable practices into everything we do – from upcycling leftover fabric to using recyclable packaging.


Wild Warriors one is of the earliest defenders of environmental ethics in the children’s fashion industry.

We proudly provide high quality collections, crafted with high-end techniques + one of a kind attention to detail.

We create each piece with integrity + kindness with the highest quality of materials.

We have adopted the use of recycled materials, organic cottons, low -impact dyes + animal friendly leathers to ensure our pieces have a positive impact on the planet + your children.

Slow Fashion

Wild Warriors takes a mindful + slow approach to design, producing only what is needed.

We release collections rather than chase the fashion seasons, often pieces within these collections are limited edition designs that often aren’t repeated once sold.

We do have signature pieces + mini release within our brand to keep our faithful followers stocked up all year.

Designed to be seasonless + with a focus on ease-of-wear; Wild Warrior’s garments are sure to live a long life in your closet + will be passed along in perfect condition once outgrown.

We use flexible sizing by removing the odd sizes from our collections once your children reach schooling age, as we understand that garments are often outgrow before they are out worn.

Our pieces are versatile in design with extra length being applied within our fit, to encourage the fold in our designs but to also allow your child to grow with our brand.

We are pretty obsessed with making luxurious, meaningful clothing that also make the world a better place.