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About Us

Forever inspired by the heartbeat of the streets, the bold – wild souls of my own little humans, I am trying to break the mould of mainstream fashion by creating sophisticated, quality clothing for children.

I started this brand to support children with sensory, behavioural or development challenges. Numerous pieces within our collections are designed to be weighted garments or are a collaboration of different textiles to encourage a calming nature whilst being worn.

Our empowering mission statements ingrained within garments are set with the intention to create a world where our children feel worthy, accepted + safe; to courageously be themselves + rebel against society’s expectations.

By continuously challenging society in a respectful manner, our brand + endeavours to make an impactful change in the younger generation by raising awareness + in attempt to cease childhood bullying, childhood depression + youth suicide.

My motivation is to encourage children to never trade their authenticity for approval.

I hope to break the cycle for a more fulfilling life; a life where children are kind + to leave others better than they found them.

I encourage you all to hug the hurt, kiss the broken, befriend the lost, love the lonely.

My vision: in all that we do is to bridge the space between children’s fears + the world’s conviction. To empower children to be daring + let their kind heart lead.

U N I T E D we will smile upon our future.